wow did one of the paps really say “wow hes actually smiling?” yeah is actually is smiling for once and its not gonna last if jerks like you say those snide remarks 


why do all celebrities have to be good roll models they didnt sign up to babysit your kid

i think i’m going to make another follow forever since my last one was really small and really shitty and i’ve followed so many amazing blogs since then  


justin seems like such a fun person to be around wtf i want to be his best friend

i love your blog so much omg. the video of justin messing up fall in japan makes me cry. (of happiness ahha) are there any full videos of any performance from the night?

Aww, thank you so much! It’s so cute how he just stops and starts over again :) I haven’t seen any full videos from that night but keep checking bieber-news to see if post any full length ones :) 

what vid did those gifs come from ?

This one :)


justinbieber: Where to next?